Arts Week 2012 Murals

The children were engaged in producing murals either in their classes or in their key stages. All of the murals have an Olympic theme ready for the coming term and our Sports Week in June along with the topics the children are undertaking – London Calling (Year 3 and 4), It’s All Greek to Me (Years 5 and 6) as well as sports links in the Key Stage 1 topics.

The murals look very striking and the children enjoyed working on them. We also had an artist in residence during the week. Joe Long, a former pupil, worked on a theatre mural on the outside wall where we have our performing arts area. It is a fantastic piece of art that the children were intrigued by as it grew from a white wash background to a fully painted theatre with audience, stage hands, stage and its own theatre cat. I am sure the children will enjoy performing in front of it in the coming months and years. All of the children’s portraits produced for HM the Queen’s Jubilee are also now on display in the Hall and the corridors. They look stunning and show how talented some of our children are in producing such artwork.