School academic performance

At the end of December the national league tables for end of Key Stage 2 (primary school) were published. We were very pleased by our results at the end of summer 2014 and know how good they were. In terms of attainment at Level 4+ (the national expectation) we were ranked 2nd out of the 94 primary and junior schools in South Gloucestershire, and in progress in maths and writing we were 1st equal and top due to alphabetical order. Not only that but we were also in the top 1% of all 17,000 primary schools in the country for our maths and writing progress, in the top 2% for our attainment at Level 4+, and in the top 1% at Level 5. We were also ranked in the top 350 schools in the country. We are very proud of our results and our school. We are looking forward to doing just as well if not better this coming year. Well done to those children and all the staff in school who have a part to play in the success

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