WOW Days Spring Term 2015

  On Tuesday 13th January Reception launched their Toys Topic. The children came dressed as our favourite toy or character and were allowed to bring our favourite toy to school. They had lots of fun in the hall playing parachute games and climbing on the apparatus. After that they decorated a large train with glue and tissue paper before watching a short movie about toys. They also drew pictures of our favourite toy and did some writing.

 Welcome to Mexico! Year 1 and 2 kicked off their topic with an activity day linked to Mexico, and the village of Tocuaro which we will be learning all about this term. We found out where Mexico is on a map and looked at pictures of the Mexican village. All the classes were mixed up for the day, and spent an hour in each classroom, making something typically Mexican. Firstly, the children made Maracas with Miss West– which they then used to accompany the song they had learned. Then they visited Mrs Dagger and did 

some collage and painting on Mexican emblems. Finally they visited Mrs Leonard to weave their own God’s Eye. We finished off the day sampling Mexican dips and tortilla chips.  Delicious!

 Years 3 and 4 kicked off their topic on The Journey of a Raindrop with a Design and Technology themed day about Bridges.  The children enjoyed an exciting and informative presentation on many aspects of Bridges, by the teachers.  They then participated in 

three workshops where they learned about the technology behind bridges through hands on activities and computer generated challenges.
 After constructing their own models of bridges in the afternoon, the children reported that they had thoroughly enjoyed their day and learnt many new facts and skills.


  Years 5 and 6 came into school dressed as explorers ready to discover their topic for the spring term. There were a range of explorers – Mountaineers, arctic explorers, Edwardian and Victorian era explorers as well as a Lara Croft or two! The children first learned about the skills needed to be an explorer and then used them to piece together the topic – All Gold (Aztecs and Mayans)! They investigated Aztec artefacts, made ceremonial mask and performed capoeira dances (a traditional  South American dance). Later on in the spring term the children will be visiting the Cadbury chocolate factory to explore the origins of chocolate and how it is related to the Aztecs and Mayans.

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