PA Fun Run 2015

  It was perfect weather for running yesterday as 250 runners readied themselves for the 1km, 5km and 10km runs around Almondsbury. There was a buzz of excitement as the crowds gathered at the start line ready to be sent on their way down Sundays Hill and round the course.


 The 1km was very quick as usual, with first person back in 5 minutes 6 seconds. This year the race was won by Harry Nichols. He was closely followed by Spencer Cundy and Yareni Jacobs and then a large number of children from key stage 2 and key stage 1, who were followed by their parents. All were smiling as they crossed the finish line and then went to collect their medals.


 It was then time for the 5 and 10km runs. The runners were all raring to go and run their socks off the try and win the race. After the count down the runners were off again down towards Church Road and onto Marsh Lane. It took just 19 minutes for the first person to come back round the corner and up towards school. The first school pupil home was Josh Rimmer. Well done to all of the participants who ran in the now sweltering heat. Well done to the Almondsbury children who ran the 10km race.

 Once again there were cheers from the crowds as the runners made their way up the hill. Many still had enough energy to run up to the line, what stamina! Well done to everyone who took part. There were well deserved gingerbread men, bananas and drinks after the finish and a well-earned rest. Thank you so much to the PA and especially Kirsty Humphrey for organising the event once again this year, and to all the PA for their continued efforts. The race raised a magnificent £1,300 for the PA funds.


A big thank you from the PA and school for the following companies who sponsored or provided goodies bags for the Fun Run: Hydrock, Milburys, Rackham Planning, Anana, Momentum, Racks Bar; and Thornbury Running Club for loan of the signs and bibs, etc. Also a big thank you once again to the Keel and Clements family for the use of their land as well as all of the Marshalls who do a sterling job of keeping all the runners safe

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