STEM week

  What a fantastic week the children had exploring all of the aspects of problem solving in science, design technology and maths. There were so many different activities that took place. These included a launch assembly from Fizz Pop Science all about how important is and what we do with it; each key stage mixed up to achieve deign and technology challenges such as making a marble run that lasted for 30 seconds, making a chair for a child to sit on and making an egg carrier that can be dropped without breaking the egg; motion workshops making aeroplanes and cars; water propelled rockets; a visit for some to the Bloodhound workshop to make replica cars and test them and many other exciting projects.

  It was good to see the inventions that children came up with for their home learning projects as well. We would like to thank all of the parents who came in to talk to the children or lead workshops as well as the science teachers from Marlwood who worked with some year 6’s. It was a great week of learning, cooperation and developing ideas throughout the school. Many thanks to the KUW team within school especially Mrs Goode who led the week. I hope that the children have been inspired to learn more about the STEM subjects and careers.