Year 6 Bloodhound visit

 The children in Year 6 had the opportunity to visit the Bloodhound HQ in Avonmouth. If you are unaware of the project here is the explanation from Year 6 – It is a project where lots of engineers, army, air force and navy experts have used all of their imagination, knowledge and understanding to create the fastest car on earth. It has 2 and a half engines – one jet engine, one rocket engine and a car engine to fuel the bleach, which is being used as fuel to burn, into the rocket engine. It is going to be tested in Newquay later this year, then in South Africa, where they are hoping to break the land speed record by going over 1000 miles an hour! It is a real cool car.’

The Year 6’s were given a presentation all about the project before having to design and make their own rocket car. They were helped by army engineers being trained to carry out the same activities across the country in many different schools. The challenge was to create a car that would be able to hand fast speed and go through the air the quickest. They did extremely well with the fastest two cars going at 52 miles per hour after being given a helping hand from a small rocket propelled charge. The winning cars were RipperAir created by Cade Wright and Anthony Lawrence and Imps created by Eloise Davis and Isabelle Powell. The children had a great time and learnt lots of really impressive facts.