Sports Day 2016

What a great way to start our Sports Week by having our annual Sports Day to kick things off. The weather was perfect for racing, which made a change from our normal Sports Day weather! The sessions started with our relay and oath to do our best. In that vein all of the children entered into the spirit of being true sportsmen and women, racing to the best of their abilities. They children were a credit to themselves and our school. We are very proud of our children’s attitude towards each other and the whole experience of sports day.

There was much cheering and applauding parents as the children ran down the track and around the field. Everyone tried their best to put the bean bags in the hoops, jump in the sack race, stay steady with their balls and spoons and then run as fast as they could in the sprint. It was so good to see their enthusiasm, determination and for some the perseverance of completing the race. It was also lovely to see the other children encouraging and cheering their classmates and friends on to do well, or saying well done and helping each other. In the Key Stage 1 event the winners were Earth (141 points) followed by Water (101 points), Sun (98 points) and Air (70 points). The Key Stage 2 event was won by Air (153 points) closely followed by Sun (140 points) then Water (131 points) and Earth (121 points). 

Well done to everyone for taking part so well, to Miss Moore for organising the events and the rest to the staff for their support. I am pleased that so many parents were also able to come along and support the children. I thoroughly enjoyed the toddler races as well as the parent’s egg and spoon races, as well as the teacher’s races, all of which were so fiercely contested!