WOW Days Term 3

WOW DAYS – All of the children have had their WOW days for this term and thoroughly enjoyed them. Although, Years 3 and 4 were disappointed that they were not able to dress up for their bridges day.

  Reception looked very regal (in most cases) as they came to school in their Fairy Tale costumes ready for their Once upon a Time fairytale day. They participated in a storytelling session with a drama specialist developing their own fairy tale made up of lots of others. They also made magic wands, snowman biscuits and wrote stories of themselves in the tales. What a fantastic time they had!

  Years 1 and 2 were dealt with very strictly during their Victorian day focused on Brunel and Victorian schools. For some they found the strict Miss Winter quite a scary prospect! Activities included Victorian playground games, Victorian classroom especially handwriting on chalk boards and the infamous ‘dunce’ cap and learning about Brunel and his contribution to the area.

  Bridge building was the main event for Years 3 and 4. They were given the challenge of building the strongest bridge across the span of two desks. They had to test for the load bearing capabilities of the suspension bridges created, design and cost of their bridge and create successful bridges using computer software too. All very structurally interested and scientific.

  Exploring was the order of the day for Years 5 and 6. Dressed in their finest ‘explorers’ gear they investigated the South America continent with a particular focus on the Aztecs. There were many different activities including making Aztec themed masks, tasting new food delicacies as eaten by the Aztecs, dance like an Aztec and finding artefacts and what they were used for. I am sure they will find all of this useful for their    learning this term.