Earth Week and Woodhouse Park Day

WOODHOUSE DAY – What a fantastic day we had at Woodhouse Park, not only did the rain hold off for most of the day it was actually sunny! The children had an amazing experience throughout the day exploring the park during their crown and bookmark making, orienteering, den building, adventure playground or assault course, Scavenger hunt, blind trail, nature weaving and making mud faces and then roasting marshmallows at the fire pit and making hot chocolate in the kelly kettle. Everyone also helped make yummy flapjack to eat at the end of the day, during our camp fire sing song.

The day was an opportunity to cover all the outdoor adventure, Art, Food and DT curriculum as well as promoting perseverance, cooperation and skills. The children all encouraged each other throughout the day, supporting each other on each activity. They were so very well behaved it was such a pleasure taking them.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed their day, as you can see from the photographs below. I would like to thank all the staff, especially Mrs Goode, Miss Wingett, Mrs Leonard, Miss Webber and Mr Garcia for organising such a marvellous day, as well as all the parents who helped so much throughout the day. There are lots more photos on the school website.

  EARTH WEEK - During the week the children participated in many different activities for Environmental Earth Week including: litter picks around the school and the village, visiting the conservation area, creating fashion from scrap which the Year 5 and 6’s then wore in the fashion show for Reception, creating artwork and many other things from scrap, made pledges to help the environment and many other things, all of which were shared in assembly on Friday.  The children were able to investigate what it means to be a refugee and how the children must feel to be in such a position.. We are very grateful for all of the donations that came into school on Friday for the two charities in Bristol there were two mountains of items in Mrs Goode’s room.