Year 6 visit to France

Our Year 6 children have a fantastic opportunity to go on their residential to Chateau de Grande Romaine, which is located on the eastern outskirts of Paris, France. We have a great time visiting a typical French market town Brie Comte Robert, a Carrefour supermarche, go into Paris and visit Disneyland Paris. Don't you wish you were in Year 6?

You will be able to see our photos and quotes of the day on here from Monday 30 September.

MONDAY - It was a very early start but we all managed to be at school by 6.15am! The long journey started well until we hit traffic on the M4 however, breakfast soon came and went. We were all very excited when we emerged from the Eurotunnel and we had arrived in France.

 Before we knew it the chateau came into view. After a quick orientation tour it was dinner time, lush brownies and off to our evening ents - Mini Olympics. Diary writing was completed before heading back to our rooms to unpack and get ready for a good night's sleep.

Check out the photos of our trip by clicking on the left button.



 TUESDAY - A relatively lazy start today not up until 7.10 this morning. After making our lunch and eating breakfast we boarded the coach to Brie Comte Robert and our town trail and visit to the market. We bought lots of souvenirs to take back home. It was fun asking for things in French and looking at all of the fresh fish, fruit and cheeses. Carrefour was also very good with lots of French sweet things to choose from.

Back at the chateau it was time for our mix of activities, archery, team challenge, abseiling and climbing. Everyone had a go at each of these and made themselves proud of how well they did. This evening is crepe making and of course tasting! Another very good day.

 WEDNESDAY - It was the big day today a trip into Paris itself and the climb up the 670 steps to reach the second stage of the Eiffel Tower. Everyone was brave enough to go up and enjoyed the view over a sunny Paris. After a quick shopping spree and the gift store we descended the stairs and walked across the the River Seine. Lunch was eaten before boarding the bateaux to take us on a journey down the Seine and see building such as the Louvre, Assemblie Nationale, Notre Dame and many others. From there it was time to see some of the many works of art on display at the Musee d'Orsay. The children were very quiet and appreciative of the great art they saw.

The journey back began with a quick tour of the city centre and a drive around L'arc de Triomphe. After dinner it was off to the snail farm to meet Phillipe and to listen to how snails are breed. All very interesting.

THURSDAY - Today was going to be a Disney day. As you would expect the children were all very excited to be going to Disney in the first place. We arrived just as the park opened and headed straight for the less taxing rides like Peter Pan, teacups, carousel and Dumbo. From there it was over to Discoveryland and on Star Tours and several rides on Space Mountain before having lunch.  After which it was to infinite and beyond with Buzz Lightyear. Next came Phantom Manor followed by a couple rides on Big Thunder Mountain (runaway train), Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. One final go on either Space Mountain or Buzz Lightyear before it was then time for the parade. Sadly it was time to leave, via the shop of course. Back at the chateau the evening was rounded off with the disco, where everyone had a good dance including Mrs Goode and Mrs Vining.


 Friday - It was time to leave Chateau de Grande Romaine and say goodbye to our group leaders Hannah, Anna and Jess. We were soon at the chocolate factory and able to smell the lovely aromas emanating from the vats of liquid chocolate, yummy. Before buying any we all had a sample it was delicious. The journey was long but worth it. All of the children were fantastic on the coach and are a real credit to themselves, their parents and our school. A really great week. Thank you Year 6!

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