WOW Days Term 3

  It was great to see all of the Reception children dressed in their Superheroes costumes, They scoured the school for answers to the clues to solve the riddles they were given to find Ginger Bear who had become lost somewhere in school, and return her to Reception class.



  Years 1 and 2 became artists for their topic theme of ‘Let’s Create’. The children created their own versions of significant places around the village – St. Mary’s Church, our school and the Severn Bridge. They painted, collaged and drew these before adding themselves or animals as ‘Lowryesque’ figures. I look forward to all of the artwork they are going to produce.

 Years 3 and 4 had a mass junk modeling session designing and building their own robots for their topic ‘Rise of the Robots’. The robots they made look fantastic and good enough to actually move and do the things that the children have imagined they would be capable of doing.



  Years 5 and 6 topic is ‘Thrills and Spills’ – the Hall become the Hall of Games as the carnival themed day rolled into school. There were many different games played with prizes of goldfish (lovingly carved carrots!) and popcorn. They then set about designing and making their own fairground games.

I am so pleased that all of the children have had such a great and exciting start to their new term’s learning. The curriculum maps for parents showing all of the learning for each subject are now available on the class webpages on the school website.

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