Children in Need

This year we decided to come to school just in non-uniform as we were all attempting the great Bake Off challenge. There were many entries, some which I am sure Almondsbury WI would have been proud of! They all looked so good to eat and it was difficult to choose a ‘best one from each class’ and the children voted for this privilege.

The scrumptious cakes and yummy biscuits were sold at the end of the day enabling us to raise over £283.91 for the charity. The ‘best ones’ were auctioned off by Mr Baykaa-Murray. Thank you to him and the School Council for organizing the Bake Off and cake sale. We also sold Pudsey merchandise with lots of ears, keyrings and bands being sold raising £400. With £275.54 being brought into to school for donations for non-uniform we raised a grand total of £954.45.

We also had our usual visit from Pudsey Bear, who popped into every classroom. Thank you to all the parents and children who donated and made cakes and biscuits.

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    Comment by: Jack Claridge
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    December 1, 2014
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    Hey Guys Looks like your having fun this is jack from 2014 and marlwood is awesome :)

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