PA Fun Run 2011

Fun Run 2011

1 kmThe sun shone for another year for the PA Fun Run on Sunday 8 May. We have many entries for both the 1km and 5km. By 10.30 Sundays Hill was full of children and their parents getting themselves ready for the start of the 1km run. joeMany of the school Cross Country team lined up at the front of the runners and were eager to get started. Nathan Phillips, our starter for this year, blew his whistle and the runners were off down the road. After just over 4 minutes the first runners were in view coming past St. Mary’s. Leading the race was Joe Forbes, from Mr Dean’s class, closely followed by Joe Williams, from Miss Reynolds class. Ben Harbridge was our first runner from KS1 that came across the finish line. Rachel Millard, from Mrs Long and Mrs Duffy’s class, was the first girl home. From then on there was a steady stream of children followed by their parents coming up the hill towards the finish.

5kmWhen all of the 1km runner were home we were ready for the 5km race to begin. Once again the runners lined up on the start line ready for the count down to begin running the course. Leading them off were the children in key stage 2, eager to show off their running skills.

Our first person home came into view just after 2? minutes. winnerHe was closely followed by the first child Tom Rogan, from Miss Kinder’s class. The children then came quite quickly after Tom. Katie Chapman, also from Miss Kinder’s class, was the first girl home. After 37 minutes the first of the 10km runners came across the finish line. tom

Well done to everyone who participated for running so well and giving the spectators something to cheer on. A very big thank you to the PA for organising the event again, especially Nicola and Nathan Phillips as well as those who helped on the registration desk and all of the marshals. We couldn’t run such an event without any of them. Also thanks to the Clements family for sponsoring the numbers and the use of their land once again. Also to Lucy Sheppard and Greggs Bakers for the donation of the gingerbread men. The event raised approximtely £600.

Here’s to the next one!

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