Bugsy Malone

castsplurgeWhat a performance! The children from years 5 and 6 in the cast were outstanding in their performances depicting the Roaring 20’s in Chicago and especially the ‘Splurge warfare’ between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Each member of the cast sang, acted and danced superbly on all three performances.



dancersfat samA special mention to the soloists, Lewis Cogger, Louis Harvey, Corrie Miller, James Bailey, Florence Lowther, Katie Kettle, Eleanor Snow, Dominique Gowie, Dan Phelps, Gaby Sheppard, Joe Andrews, Ben Bennett, Tom Rogan and Ki Bird, as well as all of the great dancers and singers and the back stage crew of Jonathan Tierney and George Parsons who did really well with all of the props and scenery changes. It a was real treat to have a live band, who played brilliantly complementing the children’s lovely singing. Obviously the highlight for the children was the ‘splurging’ at the end, which looked very messy but was great fun.

dumbboxersMany thanks to Mrs Dash and Miss Kinder for producing the show as well as Mrs Duffy, Mrs Long and Mrs Jamieson for the scenery and prop making. The children couldn’t have produced such a polished performance without them and of course parents who also came and did hair, make up and costumes. It has provided a fantastic memory for the children in year 6. Well done everyone. Thank you for your kind donations towards the cost. We collected £319.79 over the two nights.



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