European Languages Day


cafeThe children had a very good time learning many different things about the countries that they visited during the day. chinaThe Reception children went to France. The children from years 1 to 6 were all mixed up in their school teams and went to China, Kenya, Mexico and Peru.




peruThroughout the day the children learnt the main greetings, numbers and other phrases in the languages spoke in the countries visited. mexicoFlags, pots, woven crosses, artwork, food tasting and dancing were all activities that were experienced in each country and then shared at the end of the day in assembly.




chinaThe school was awash with the sights, sounds and tastes from the different parts of the world. Lunch was very tasty with Mrs Vining making Chilli, Jambalaya, Fajitas, Apple flan and eclairs. It was all very yummy!food




DRAGONThank you to Miss Wilson and Miss Croome for organising the day along with the staff for their hardwork in preparing for such a day.POTS

Look in the school photos section on the website for other photographs from the day.

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