Safer Internet Day 2012

Safer Internet usage is extremely inportant to all of us and to safeguard the children in their use of all internet ready devices.

We will be covering this in school not only on Tuesday but over the course of the week in the children’s ICT lessons. The theme of this year’s promotion is the link between school and home and especially parents. It is essential for the children’s internet safety that parents are aware of what they are doing and seeing on the internet and which sites they are visiting. We have put together some activities and packs for you to use at home with your child/ren as a way to extend what they are doing in school. Of course this does need to be age appropriate and you need to make sure that the activities you do are for the recommended age range. There are several websites with games and information on these are listed:

It is important to the children’s safety and well being that we highlight this aspect of their learning. Please do discuss this with your child and enjoy the time with them using the internet together.

  1. IEkidsCyberbullying
  2. IEkidsEntertainment
  3. IEkidsFull
  4. IEkidsSecurity
  5. IEparentsFull
  6. IEsituations

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