Olympic Torch comes to Almondsbury

 maggie 1 maggie2There was great excitement as Margaret Glastonbury, runner 001 of the Bristol leg of the Olympic torch relay, came to school with her torch.






 torch torch2Everyone was thrilled to see Maggie as she ran onto the field with the torch held high in her hand. Maggie was nominated to carry the torch by the bank she works for because of her charity work for the people of Peru, especially children.


 maggie3 maggie4It was a privilege to show Maggie around our school as she visited each class for them to hold the torch and imagine they were running in the relay. What a wonderful experience and one the children will not forget. Many of them had been to see the torch relay that morning along the streets of Bristol.



 torch4I am sure that we will continue to see and hear many things about the Olympics over the coming weeks especially when we have our Olympic Sports Week at the end of June. There are more photos in the School section within the photos section.


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