Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

 jub 1 jub2Our Diamond Jubilee celebrations were just fantastic! Each of the classes had a decade to investigate and dress up in costume from that decade. The children really enjoyed their week and especially the day.



 jub 3 jub 4All looked so good in their costumes from teddy boys and jive girls in the 50’s, hippies and those in the latest fashions that were designed in the 60’s, plenty of flares and punks from the 70’s, leg warmers and ripped jeans from the 80’s and many Spice girls in Union Jack dresses and boys wearing their caps backwards in the 90’s. Every single child and adult within school joined in the fun.

 jub 5 jub 6A true spectacle as we all assembled in the Hall for our own concert of song and dance through the decades. We all stood to sing the National Anthem and the Diamond Jubilee song written for primary schools. This was a lovely tribute with perfect words to reflect on her majesty’s service to our country. Then onto our Jubilee picnic on the field and cutting of our Jubilee cake, made by Mrs Vining. We also had our own Queen from Reception and watched the children from Little Almonds parade past the school dressed as Kings and Queens.

 jub 7 jub 8Every child was presented with a commemorative coin from the Parents’ Association and cake from Mrs Clifford. There are many photos on the website, follow this link: http://www.almondsburyprimary.co.uk/gallery/default.asp?pid=4&gcatid=1&albumid=177

 jub 9 jub 10In the evening VoicesXtreme joined Almondsbury Singers, St Mary’s church choir in presenting an evening of song from around the country to mark the start of the Jubilee celebrations in the village. Flowers adorned the church as the rousing chorus of Lang of Hope and Glory filled the church to the appreciative cheers of the audience. Many thanks to Ceri Dash, David and Karen Chandler and the ladies of the Flower committee of St. Mary’s for such a lovely evening.

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