Sports Day 2012

 sports 1 sports 2Despite the weather, we had a great day last Tuesday for our Sports Day. We started each session with our own version of the Torch Relay and reading of the Olympic oath. The children participated really well within the Olympic Values of Respect, Inspiration, Courage, Equality, Excellence, Determination and Friendship.

 sports 3 sports 4 sport 5

All of these values could be seen in abundance during the day. Everyone tried their best to put the bean bags in the hoops, jump in the sack race, stay steady with their balls and spoons and then run as fast as they could in the sprint. All were awarded stickers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and for their efforts, determination and perseverance plus Olympic Values stickers. Well done to all of the children for their terrific stamina even when the rain started to fall and we continued in the rain! That also goes to the pre-school children who enjoyed their races and the parents who were good sports and entered the sack race just for them.

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The winning team for KS1 was Water (blue) with 121 points, followed by Sun (yellow) with 108 points, Air (red) with 98 Earth (green) with 93 points. So congratulations to all those in Water. It was great to see so many parents supporting their children and staying in the rain.

 sports 9 sport 10 sports 9

Again in the afternoon the rain continued as long as our sports did. The children were all keen to carry on regardless cheered on by their parents. Unfortunately, due to the very slippy conditions we had to finish the sports the following day with sprint and short relay races. Once again Water won with a huge 197 points, followed by Earth with 152 points, Sun with 106 points and Air with 92 points. Well done to Water who have completed the Sports Day double! We were disappointed that we had to cancel the family picnic due to the typical British summer weather. A big thank you for all the parental support not only for the children but turning up and staying in the rain and urging us to continue. It is appreciated. Thank you to Miss Moore and Mrs Leonard for organising the races and the children so well.  There are many more pictures on the website on the following link:

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