Enterprise Week 2013

  Throughout the week, all of the classes were hard at work learning about money and how important numeracy skills are to their future lives, not only in the coming years but the years beyond when they become members of the employment market.


  All of the children participated in designing, creating and producing a finish product, which was sold at the Enterprise Fair on the last day of term. It was great to see so many parents coming along to the Hall to support the children and buying their items for sale.

Each class was able to make a decent profit which will be spent on their own classes needs during this term. The most successful profit making class was Miss Reynolds, who managed a great £65. Overall the profit across the school amounted to £410.

We also sold the CD recordings containing contributions from every child in the school and took £385. We are truly grateful to John McLevy, a member of the local community, for recording, editing and producing the CD. We still have CD’s left in school. If you didn’t manage to buy a copy or copies then please call into the school office.

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