Community Links


The school is at the heart of the local community. We have links to many of the societies and fixtures of the village such as Friday Club, Little Almonds, shopVillage Shop, St. Mary's Church, Almondsbury WI, Almondsbury Garden Centre and many more.




We have links to schools on different parts of the country including Widden Primary School, Gloucester, Southville Primary, Bristol. On a wider basis we are linked to a school in Orleans, France and Kitgum, Uganda.

The children in Year 6 have the opportunity to work collaboratively with KS3 and KS4 composing music together. Over a period of 4 weeks the children work together at each other's schools culminating in a final performance to parents. In previous years Almondsbury pupils have worked with students from Marlwood Secondary School.

In 2008 the Year 6 children worked alongside students from the Castle School, Thornbury composing music based on the theme of Journeys and Travelling. The pupils will use minimalist techniques and listen to music composed by Steve Reich and Kraftwerk for their inspiration. 

axaWe also work with other companies and volunteer services within the community. Fortunately, we are involved in the AXA Challenge annually and their employees have helped create a better playground environment for our KS1 children. (Thanks for Mrs Joicey, a parent and employee for organising that for us)




The Almondsbury WI planted a lovely Commemorative Garden in our school grounds last year to celebrate their 85 Anniversary. It will become a lovely feature of our Forest area.


ccAt the end of each term we invite members of the local community into listen to us sing and play our instruments. We always insist on audience participation! It is a thoroughly enjoyable event. Look at the school calendar to find out when the next one is.