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Wow, the Spring term has started already! We have now just started our new Topic Global Rangers. Please look at the Global Rangers Jigsaw at the bottom of the page to get an insight into what your children will be learning during term 3 and 4.

Welcome to Year 3&4 we have lots of  interesting and exciting topics this year and are all looking forward to another fantastic year.

Both Miss Ivory and Mrs James will be working with us at different points throughout the week.  On a Friday we are fortunate to have Dr Church, our Chair of Governors in to help  with Maths Attack and Computing. We also have reading support from members of the local community on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

We are always looking for more reading support from parents or grandparents so if you would like to volunteer for an hour or so, even if only for a few weeks it would be really helpful.  IF you think you could volunteer, please email me on the address below.

We have started the year with a two week topic called New Beginnings. The children have been thinking about their new start. We have thought about the rules we want in our class and have created a class charter.


PE - Monday (Terms 1&2 and 5&6)

PE - Tuesday (Terms 2,3,5&6)

Swimming - Friday (Terms 3&4)

Forest Skills - Tuesday (Terms 1&4)

Maths Attack - Friday 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me, either come and see me at the end of the day or email me at


  1. Term 5-6 Voyagers Overview Jigsaw
  2. Esafety letter
  3. Term 3&4 Y3 Overview Jigsaw Global Rangers
  4. Term 3&4 Y4 Overview Jigsaw Global Rangers
  5. Silent Night Script
  6. Spelling Activities
  7. Y4 TD Jigsaw Romans T1&2 2017
  8. Y3 TD Jigsaw Romans T1&2 2017
  9. Letter to parents 2017-18

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