Term 5&6

All the children in the running clubs had a great final celebration on their last training sessions this week. Finishing with a friendly water fight and a tasty treat! Here's to a Summer rest ready to come back and build on another successful year. Well done to all the runners and thank you to all the parents for their support, enthusiasm and commitment this year!

YIA Cross Country - Race 3

After three great league races, we finished the season with the girls team coming 3rd overall.

Well done to all the runners over the three races over the last six months. 

Y34 Cricket Tournaments

Two teams of year 3&4 children went to Frenchay Cricket Club in on Tuesday 20 June. The weather was beautiful and the children were very excited. Both teams had a fantastic afternoon and played some brilliant cricket. Our team B played several games and won two of the three of them. They had a great afternoon but unfortunately didn't make it through to the semi-finals. The A team had three great games and won convincingly so went through to the semi-finals. They had a hard fought game and they won!

After such a great afternoon, the A team are through to the County FInals at Wycliffe College on Tuesday 4 July.  

All fingers crossed another great result on the 4 July! 

Quadkids Competition

Well done to all the children who participated in the quadkid on Thursday 15 June.They had a great afternoon and came 9th overall.  

Y34 Tennis Tournament - Almondsbury Tennis Club

Reorganised for Wednesday 28 June

Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament

Well done to the two teams of girl cricketeers who took part in the Frenchay Cricket Club on Thursday 15 June. They played brilliantly and their game went from strength to strength. Megan and Grace finished one game off with a fantastic two overs of batting scoring over 20 runs. Both teams won two games and lost one but unfortunately it wasn't enough to get them through to the semi-finals. Well done and lets look forward to the challenge next year.

Open Kwik Cricket tournament

Two teams competed in the Frenchay Cricket Club on Monday 12 June, they had a great afternoon. The A team won 2 and lost one by one run and the B team won one and lost two. They went from strength to strength throughout the afternoon but unfortunately they didn't manage to get through to the semi-finals. Well done!

South Glos Cross Country - Little Stoke Park

What a fantastic result we had at Little Stoke Park. Lots of children took part, representing Almondsbury in Y4,5 & 6. The races were delayed so we had to wait around for a long time to begin the races. That was afternoon a long day of cycling at the Tour d'Almondsbury. However, the evening was beautiful and it was well worth it as we had some great successes, individually and in our year group teams. 

Y4 ran brilliantly as always and come FIRST again!!!

Finlay out did himself with an amazing 2nd place overall! There is no stopping him but all the year 4 boys ran well to achieve their 1st place overall.

Y4 girls also did well on a hot evening.


We had a record turn out for the girls in year 5 and what a night it was for them.

An amazing run from Grace in her first ever race for the school and a brilliant result for the whole year 5 girls team also coming FIRST overall.

Well done to George in year 5 for a great position in his race, leading the year 5 Almondsbury boys.

And finally well done to year 6 for having to wait such a long time and their great efforts.


An extra special well done to Mollie for her 3rd place in the year 6 girls which means she has been asked to open the Festival of Youth Sport on Saturday 10th June.

A brilliant well done to all of them! 



Hi Five A & B  match - Frampton Cotterell

Rearranged due to weather.

YIA Cross Country league - Race 2

At the end of the second event, the girls team are in 3rd place and the boys are in 5th place. Well done Frankie who came 10th and Archie W for coming 16th.

Hi Five Level 3 competition - Bristol Grammar School

Almondsbury netball team had a great day at the Hi Five Level 3 competition. Again, they won their pool and the top two teams from two pools had to play each other in the semi finals and finals. Unfortunately they lost to Elmlea who went onto win the day. Almondsbury came 3rd overall which is a pretty impressive position. Well done!

Term 3&4

Y.I.A cross country league - Race 1

At the end of the first event, the girls team came 3rd place and the boys are in 6th place. Well done Mollie who came 12th and Archie for coming 8th.

Hi Five Level 2 competition - Brimsham Green

Well done all the girls in the Hi Five competition. The day was incredibly tense. Almondsbury won their pool convincingly and went on to the semi finals. The score at the final whistle was 2-2 so the match went to a golden goal which Almondsbury won sending them into the final. Almondsbury took an early lead but by the final quarter the score narrowed and the final score was 6-5 Almondsbury, very close and unbelieveably tense.

Our girls had won and were through to the Hi Five level 3 competition in April at Bristol Grammar School.  

Tockington Cross Country 

After rearranging the race from the previous week, we managed to take 44 junior children from year 3,4 5 & 6 to our annual Tockington Cross Country. The children were very excited, if not a little nervous, but ready to organise their relay teams of 4 from the challenging course. They had a brilliant afternoon supporting and encouraging one another in what ended up being a breezy, cold afternoon. All the children ran really well against some tough competition.

What a smart looking team or are they...

...and they haven't even raced yet!


Well done to the Year 34 teams for an excellent result, especially Finlay, Charlie, George and Kayden for bringing leading their race from the beginning with Finlay passing all the other competitors to lead the field. Then George, Charlie and Kayden held their 1st position for a convincing win, 10 seconds off the course record. WOW!!! 

Quicksticks Festival

On the same afternoon as the Colston's Cross Country, two teams of year 5&6 entered the YIA Quickstick festival at Brimsham Green Secondary School. Our mainly 1st team had a great afternoon winning 3, drawing 2 and losing 3 and our 2nd team took a little while to build up their confidence finishing the festival with a great win.


They showed some excellent hockey skills against some very strong opposition. Not even holding back when they had to play each other!!!


Colstons Cross Country 

Almondsbury entered the annual Colston Cross Country event on Thursday 16th March, with a year 5&6 boys and year 5&6 girls team and a year 3&4 boys and year 3&4 girls team. They had a great afternoon with some excellent running from all the children. Well done to Finlay C W for getting for coming in 9th place in his first ever competition!   


Crossways Netball Matches 

On Thursday 23 February Almondsbury competed in their first local league matches at Crossways Junior School. They entered two teams, team A in the local league and team B as a friendly for match experience. 

Team A 

Team A played a fantastic game. All the players worked hard putting in to practise the skills that they have been working on in netball club to play a high quality game. Crossways also showed some great netball skills keeping the score line from going either way right to the last quarter. Almondsburys held on to their lead to the final whistle winning 4-3. A great start in our first match of the local league!

Team B

Team B also played a tremendous game. They stormed ahead in the first quarter and looked unstoppable however Crossways B team held on in the second and third quarter challenging are game and putting us under pressure. Then, in the final quarter, Almondsbury found their game again and finished with a convincing win 6-1.

 Well done to you all!!! 

Good luck to the netball squad in the matches coming up at St Peters, Meadowbrook and Olveston and in the YIA Hi Five Festival very soon!


Well done to our year 6 and year 5 swimarathon teams. They entered the Rotary club swimarathon on Friday 3 March. Accompanied by the Castle School steel band, they swam in teams for 55mins to raise money for local charities, St Peters Hospice and Incredible Kids to name but two. 


Team A Swam 90 lengths in total and raised £190 and the B team swam 86 lengths and raised £121 while listening to the steel band, chatting and having fun. That's a staggering total of £311! A great big thank you to the children who took part and their families who helped to get them there and raise the sponsorship in making this event a great success.

Term 2

Sportshall Athletics 

9 girls and 5 boys from Y5&6 spent the evening at the YIA sportshall athletics competition. They competed in throwing, jumping and running events individually and in teams to collect points towards a final score for their team. In many of the races, the Almondsbury teams came a close second and when the results came in they lost out due to the lack of numbers in the boys team. The girls came 2nd overall. Well done to them all!


Harriers Gymnastic Competition

Well done to all those girls who took part in the Harriers Gymnastic Competition on Saturday 19 November. They spent the day 10am to 3pm competing against a range of children from different schools. There were some great successes with gold, silver as well as many more achievements. 


Athletics Club finish the term on a high with Christmas themed training sessions


Term 1

Girls Football - YIA competition - Thursday 13th October

All the girls who took part in the competition worked hard as a team to compete in the competition at Yate International School. Their were many teams competing and our team played in their pool of 4 teams. Our goal keeper was new to the role and after a little bit of a wobble after the first match, went on to grow in confidence to become a very impressive defender for the team. The girls dug in and improved amazingly during the tournament.

Our first game was a little bit overwhelming and we lost to a very strong team 4 - 0 but we learned quickly. We went on to win one and draw against the eventually winners of the pool.

Although we didn't make it through to the quarter finals, the girls we loving playing and wanted to go on to have  a fantastic friendly. Well done girls, what a great performance!

Boys Football - Tuesday 18th October 

Our year 5&6 boys had an excellent tournament at the Almondsbury football grounds. A special well done to Louis who took on the role of captain and led his team brillliantly. Well done too to Ben who particularly showed excellent goal keeping skills during the majority of the matches. Everyone gave their all during the tournament. There were around 16 teams playing in 4 pools. We went on to win our first match 1-0 with some great performances from our players. Louis motivated and managed the teams with consideration and good strategy. Unfortunately our we didn't manage to keep our lead and didn't make it through to the next round.

The boys had a great tournament and went on to play several friendlies enjoying and developing as a team of the whole tournament. Well done to them all! 

Tag Rugby Y3 - Thornbury - Sunday 16th October 

Our Year 3 children took part in their first tag rugby at Thornbury rugby club on this sunny Sunday morning. They had a great morning and their skills improved dramatically throughout the morning. They won their first match, drew and lost however the festival was all about trying out and enjoying the sport so there were no prizes or overall winners. As a result of the tournament several of the children have joined Mr Evens after school tag rugby club.

Warming up!

Team tactics with Mr Evens

Aretians Tag Rugby Tournament - Thursday 20th October

Our Year 5&6 tag rugby team represented the school in the Aretians Tag Rugby festival. The children played brilliantly unleashing the competitive Mr Harvey who was unpassable in his defence as tag grabber! The children played in their pool of players and won, drew and lost games. They were the only team to win against the team that ultimately got through to the quarter finals.

They finished off the morning by having one of their best games in a friendly with one of the other teams that didn't get through. 

Terrifying aren't they!!!

QEH Cross Country - Friday 4th November

Below are this years representatives for the QEH schools cross country event. Despite the wet morning the skies cleared and the children had a lovely sunny day to compete on the arduous cross country course.


There were dramatic moments where Liam twisted his ankle and (in a Brownlee brothers style finish) Spencer helped him to the finish line and pushed him over the finish line ahead of him. True team spirit!!! George too went back to check Charlie was ok when he fell and still George managed to come over the finish line in 16 place! Dilly overcame her fears to complete the course and rid herself of the memories from the previous year.





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