Boccia Class Matches


Sports Day

Tuesday proved to be a fantastic day for our Sports day, overcast in the morning but warm turning into the most beautiful afternoon. The Sports Council opened the two events with a thoughtful representation of the Olympic values. Highlighting EXCELLENCE and INSPIRATION with an amazing gymnastic display by some of the Year 5&6 girls choreographed by the girls themself. Then four of our Sports Council members reinacted the torch relay followed by the Olympic Oath to open the games! 

All the children took part in the races, supporting their teams and enjoying the day. There was an amazing sense of fun, inclusion, friendship and determination to compete to their best.

Thank you to all the children who were amazing, all the sports helpers who helped to organise the equipment and all the staff for ensuring the day ran so smoothly and enjoyable for all. 

The final results of the day were:-

KS1 -   1st -                  2nd -               3rd -              4th -

KS2      1st -                  2nd -               3rd -              4th -  

House Matches

Overall Winners - Air with 23 points 

KS2 Y3&4   - Air 1st with 15 points, Sun & Water 2nd with 10 points and Earth 4th with 1 point.

KS2 Y5&6 - Earth 1st with 14 points, Air 2nd with 8 points and Water & Sun 3rd with 7 points.  

KS2 Year 5&6

Another fantastic morning of house matches. The children played with all their enthusiasm and produced some great play. 


1st - Earth          2nd - Water         3rd - Air        4th - Sun

Tag Rugby

1st - Air      equal 2nd - Water, Earth & Sun 


1st - Earth         2nd -  Sun       3rd - Water       4th - Air

KS2 Year 3&4

A fantastic afternoon of sport with the sun shining down on us. The four houses played hard to win their competition in their chosen sport.



1st - Air & Sun     3rd - Water    4th - Earth 



Tag Rugby

1st - Air   2nd - Sun  3rd - Water   4th - Earth





1st - Air   2nd - Sun  3rd - Water   4th - Earth



Whole School Cross Country 

At the beginning of term 1, all of the children took part in the whole school cross country. The children ran in year groups, with a boys race and a girls race. All the children worked hard to complete the course with some outstanding performances in all the year groups. Well done to everyone, especially those who came in with a great big smile on their face despite their position.

In the photos below we have the 1st (right), 2nd (centre) & 3rd (left) place winners from each year group. 

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


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