Sports Leadership


House Captain

We have chosen one boy and one girl from each house to lead their house during house events and to collect the house points each week. They will have other responsibilities as well throughout the year in their role on the sports council although they have be chosen as positive role models in the sporting context to lead the children throughout the school.   


Sports Council

Our Sports Council are made up from year 6 children and represent all of our four houses to run events, lunchtime clubs as well as maintaining the sports equipment and kits and looking at equipment that we may need to purchase throughout the year. Last year one member of our council introduced Karate to the school and now we have two thriving after school clubs. 

Playground Leader

This year for the first time, every child in Year 5 wanted to be a playground leader! This is an amazing turn out considering they will be volunteering to give up some of their own playtimes each week for the whole year to lead playground games for the children in keystage one. This leadership role is encouraging the children to develop their leadership skills and to offer the younger children opportunities to learn a range of playground games and have somewhere to go at playtimes and lunchtimes to learn important playtime games and social interaction.

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