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Rainbows and clapping

Lets get those rainbows up in your windows

Hello everyone. Hope you are all safe, keeping well and healthy. 

It is now Day 4 of our school closure. Our spirits are high at school for those children we have here. We are doing our Joe Wicks exercises every morning, including all of the teachers who are in school. Lots of work going on in mathematics and English. Listening to David Williams Eleveneses at 11 am and interesting afternoon activities. This afternoon we are going to be making hand puppets. Let's see how well Mr Allen can sew, shall we?

Last week the children in key stage 1 were asked to paint or draw rainbows to be placed in their windows at home. I wonder how many there are that we can see around the village or beyond. If and when you do go out for your daily exercise (using and keeping those social distancing rules of course) how many you will be able to see. Everyone can do them. So have a go and brighten up your neighbours day. 

Also you may have heard that this evening there will be a round of applause for all the key workers that are helping to fight the coronavirus within the NHS. This will be at 8pm tonight 26 March. You can clap from your living room, your front door, your gardens, your balcony, wherever you can so it can be heard by everyone around you. Let's show our appreciation as a school population for their efforts in helping keeping us all safe and well. 

Thank you.