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Remote Learning Surveys

Our remote learning offer has now been in place for 5 weeks. See what parents and pupils think of it. 

The remote learning offer for the school has been in placed now for 5 weeks. We have carried out a couple of surveys - one short one at the beginning of January and one more comprehensive one at the end of the month. 

Thank you to all those parents and pupils who have completed the survey as it helps us to understand what it is like on the receiving end of the remote learning. The vast majority of both parents and pupils were very happy and pleased with the learning that is taking place. The results are attached at the bottom of this page. 

We have adjusted different aspects of the remote learning offer over the past term in light of comments and we will continue to refine and adjust until we are back in school with all the pupils. 

I know that the teachers are working hard in school with both supporting the children here as well as remote learning at home, but we are in awe of you trying to juggle your own jobs and helping your children at the same time.

The live teaching sessions are much welcomed by children and pupils as is the engagement with these. We are very pleased by the responses and how the remote learning and quality of teaching on the live sessions is helping everyone at home. We know that this is not the first choice for anyone but unfortunately there is no option currently for whole school learning in school so we are making the best of what we can do.

There were some aspects where parents and children had queries regarding some elements of the remote learning. I think that some of these have been addressed over the past week already in terms of class chats in the afternoons, having an afternoon for ‘catch up learning or family time’. Others asked about the organisation of Google Classroom and some re-jigging of these has now taken place to help both children and parents. We are also using more breakout rooms and small group sessions with those who require these. Due to the number of staff in school it is not always possible to have every child in a breakout room or a small group. Hopefully, at some point everyone will have had the opportunity for this.

With regards to feedback of work the system has been shared a few times now with the focus on whole class feedback as well as some individual feedback to pupils as required. I know that the teachers are sharing this on a daily basis for all the children and identifying where they have done well and what needs to be improved. This is a system we use in school when all of the children are in learning so they should be used to this.

Well done to all of the children who are uploading all of their work on a daily basis as it’s good to see how they are getting on. Don’t forget you can always email the work to your child’s teacher if you struggle with Google Classroom. Keep going with it. As with our Value for Life theme this term in worship it is all about ‘perseverance’ and I am so pleased with everyone for displaying this value with excellent outcomes. You are all stars!