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1. Doubling

Today we are going to be looking at doubling numbers within 10. What is doubling? Doubling is when you have two of the same amount.

Let’s look at this more closely with our Numicon.

Watch Number Blocks episode ‘Double Trouble’ in Series 2.

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 2: Double Trouble

You might have noticed when watching the episode that when we are doubling we add the same number to itself. For example, if I wanted to find double 2, I would get 2 and add 2!

2 + 2 = 4

Can you write the corresponding number sentences for each double?

Let’s see if you can remember the doubles quickly. Ask an adult to call out a number from 1-5. Can you shout back the double as quickly as possible? Or can you hold up the correct digit card?


Watch the following video to 1:10 and then pause.

Adding Doubles | Fun Math Song For Kids | Jack Hartmann - YouTube

Let’s have a go at doubling some dinosaur eggs!

I wonder what double 6 would be? Try and work it out by drawing 6 eggs and then doubling them.

Double 6 is _______________

What is double 7? Can you work out all your doubles to 20 and send some pictures on Evidence Me?

Let’s finish the game by playing matching pairs again. You will need your digit cards 1-10.

Ask an adult to hold up a card. Can you double it and hold up the matching card?