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1. Fourteen

We watched the Numberblocks 'Fourteen' episode...

We learnt that number 14 is a 1 and a 4, and that the first 1 is actually a 10!

We learnt that the number 14 is what we call a ‘teen number’. The teen numbers start with a 1. They are made up of 10 and a bit more. In the Numberblocks episode we saw that 10 and 4 make 14. 

We practised writing the number 14 in the air, on our hands and on our friend’s backs. 

We then practised making the number 14 on Interactive Whiteboard with a tens frame, Numicon, number lin and unifix cubes.

We then counted to 14 together by watching the following animation Counting Trains 14 - YouTube.


We watched a Sesame Street episode about number 14 - Sesame Street Podcast Number 14 - YouTube

We practised making number 14 with playdough by rolling balls to fill a tens frame and made the digits 1 and 4 with playdough by rolling it into sausages and forming the digits.