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1. Six

We watched the  Number Blocks episode 'Six' ...

Number 6 loves to play games with a dice. We practised rolling a dice and recognising the numbers.

We played ‘musical dice’ (based on musical bumps). Play music to dance to, when the music stops, roll the dice then find the matching character to the number on the dice, as quickly as you can. You could then add a different dance move for each number (see Powerpoint below!)

You can also play the 'Roll and Colour' game, please see the attachment below.

On our Maths Mat we looked at items that link with the number six, e.g. a hexagon (6 sides and 6 corners), 6 spots on a dice, 6 spots on a domino ( 6 and 0, 5 and 1, 4 and 2 & 3 and 3), the number 6 piece of Numicon, 6 o'clock, an insect ( 6 legs) and a box of 6 eggs.

We watched the song 'I can show the number 6'...

We practised representing the number 6 in different ways by drawing 6 dots, 6 lines, 6 crosses etc, finally we practised writing the numeral 6. 

Can you find things at home that have a number 6 on them? Can you count 6 of the same things?

Finally we watched the Number Blocks episode 'Counting Sheep' ...

We then practised making 6 in different ways by splitting 6 cubes.