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2. Sharing

Today we are going to be looking at sharing. We all know how to share! Sometimes sharing is difficult, but we all know what we have to do!

What things do we have to share at school/home? Who do we share with? Why do we have to share?

When we share something it has to be fair and even. What does this mean? Watch this video about sharing cookies…

Sharing Cookies - YouTube

Talk about the video with an adult. Did Elmo and the Cookie Monster share fairly? Were they both happy in the end? Why?

When we share something it is important we all get the same amount.


Let’s have a go at sharing some dinosaur eggs. I am going to share 4 eggs between Mrs North and Miss Wingett. Can you help? Give one to Mrs North, one to Miss Wingett, one to Mrs North and one to Miss Wingett and so on until there are none left.

How many eggs should they both get? Is it equal? Is it fair?


This time I have 6 eggs. What is 6 shared by 2?


This time Mrs Hill would like some dinosaur eggs too! Can we share the 6 eggs between 3 people? Have a go…


This time there are 4 people. Mrs Jones would like a share of the dinosaur eggs. How many eggs would everyone get if we shared 8 eggs by 4 people?

Practise sharing some things at home fairly with your family.


Today we are going to do some more sharing. Let’s remind ourselves what it means to share by watching the Number Block episode ‘The Lair of Shares’.

BBC iPlayer - Numberblocks - Series 4: The Lair of Shares


When we share we have to do so fairly and equally. This means everyone gets the same amount. We can use the ‘one for you, one for me, one for you, one for me’, method.

Yesterday we shared 6 eggs between Mrs North and Miss Wingett. Both teachers had 3 eggs each. This was fair and equal.


Today I have 3 dino biscuits. Try and share them.