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3. Fifteen

We watched the Numberblocks 'Fifteen' episode...

We learnt that number 15 is a 1 and a 5, and that the first 1 is actually a 10!

We learnt that the number 15 is what we call a ‘teen number’. The teen numbers start with a 1. They are made up of 10 and a bit more. In the Numberblocks episode we saw that 10 and 5 make 15. 

You can also make 15 by adding 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5! We looked at this as a number sentence and with the Number Blocks. We counted them together to 15. 

We practised writing the number 15 in the air, on our hands and on our friend’s backs. 

We then practised finding the number 15 on the board amongst other teen numbers to 15 by playing splat.

Finally, we learnt to count on from different numbers from 0-15 and stopping at 15.


We revised the numbers 11-15 by watching the Numberblocks episode ‘Tween Scenes’, Series 4.

The children practised writing the numbers 11-15 at speed, when they were called out in a random order. They then used their playdough and number 15 playdough mats to make balls to fill a tens frame and the digits 1 and 5 by rolling it into sausages and forming the digits. The children were reminded of the rhyme we learned for forming 5, ‘Short neck, belly fat, Mr 5 wears a hat.’