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3. Term 3

 Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday with your families and friends.

Welcome back to Term 3!

This term the children will begin by looking closely at the season winter. We will have 2 focus texts for our Drawing Club - 'Jack Frost' and 'Robin's Winter Song'. We will explore signs of winter such as the colder weather and what animals do (hibernate & migrate) and will celebrate our learning by having a 'Winter Day'!


This term we will also be reading a well-known fairytale - 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

The children have shown a keen interest in different occupations. We are hoping to enhance this interest through exploring the topic of 'People Who Help Us' and learning about those with important job roles in our local community.

Inheritance Tax – Emergency Workers

We will be using the story 'Real Superheroes' as our focus text.


We will also be exploring and celebrating Chinese New Year.

06.12.2022 | CHINESE NEW YEAR 2023 | Martin Bencher Group

Our Super Value this term is 'Hope'.


Important Dates - Term 3

Tuesday 3rd January - INSET day

Wednesday 4th January - First day of Term 3

Friday 3rd February - Number Day (more information to follow)

Friday 10th February - Last day of Term 3 - cake and uniform sale after school