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4. Twenty

We watched the Numberblocks episode ‘Twenty’...

 We looked at what 20 is made up of: a 2 and a 0. The 2 in 20 is not a 2, it is 2 tens! The zero is there to tell you it is 2 tens and nothing else. Twenty is both 2 tens and twenty ones.  10 and 10 make twenty.

What two shapes do we need to use to make twenty with the Numicon? How can we show twenty on our fingers? Show 20 on a numberline. What numbers come before/after 20? Make 20 with playdough using playdough mats.


We watched the Numberblocks episode ‘Tall Stories’...

We practised ordering the numbers 0-20 and counting to 20 together. We then practised writing the numbers from 10-20.