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6. Adding by counting on

We watched the Numberblocks episode,  ‘On Your Head’, to revise the place value of numbers 11-15.

We recapped that teen numbers start with a 1, this 1 stands for 1 ten and no more! We practised counting on from different numbers from 0-15 and stopped at 15.

Today we learnt to add in a different way, using a number line and by counting on. This means we are not going to start at 1!

We could answer 8 + 3 using a number line. We don’t need to start at 1 because we know there is 8 already! It says so in the number sentence. We practised ‘putting 8 in our heads’. This is the place we are going to start and then add on 3. We then jumped on 3 spaces on the number line.

You could practise doing this at home by drawing a giant chalk number line outside. Practise bunny hopping along the number line and counting on with different number sentences.


We revised the place value of numbers 11-15 by watching the Numberblocks episode ‘Ten’s Place’.

We practised counting forwards from any number between 0 and 15. Remember when we say count on, we don’t start from 1!

The children practised moving their fingers along an individual number line to find the answers to different addition sums within 15.