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7. Subtracting by counting back

We watched Numberblocks episode ‘Flights of Fancy’...

We recapped the concept of counting on using a number line. As a class we ordered the numbers from 0-20. We picked a number between 0 and 20 and counted on from that number, then practised counting back using the giant number line.

We revised what this ‘-‘ symbol means and that numbers get smaller when we take away.

 Today we are going to count back to help us take away. Look at this sum (9 - 3 =). Stand on 9 and jump back 3 spaces. Show that the number you land on is the answer.

Practise this using a number line. Make sure to emphasise that your pen/pencil/finger has to touch each number as you jump. Complete some subtraction number problems.


We watched the Numberblocks episode ‘Heist’...

We practised counting back from different numbers to 0. We recapped the concept of taking away using objects and then counting back to takeaway using a number line. Practise counting back together to answer different subtraction number sentences.