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7. Addition

This week we are learning about addition.

We began by looking at the symbol and practised drawing it in the air and making it with our fingers and arms.

We discussed that + means we join two or more numbers together. When we add, the number gets bigger.

We used items to practise adding. We used the + and = symbols. We found the total by counting all the items.

We practised drawing pictures to help us work out the answer.


Draw 3 rings under the 3 and 2 rings under the 2 and count how many there are altogether.

Try drawing pictures to find out the answers to 3 + 1, 2 + 2 and 1 + 4.


We practised identifying Numicon pieces from 1-5. We matched the correct numeral to them and then ordered them.




 We laid out 2 items like the number 2 Numicon piece, we added 1 more item to make the 3 formation. We then added one more to make the 4 formation.

Practise adding various numbers together and writing the number sentence with the Numicon pieces. 

We used a tens frame to help us with our adding. We put 2 counters on the frame and then added 3 more in a different colour. We counted them all to find the total and then had a go at writing the number sentence.