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Our Class Book

This year, the Reception class book is...

`I'm Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark` by Anna Milbourne

I'm Not (Very) Afraid of the Dark: Anna Milbourne, Daniel  Rieley, Daniel Rieley: 9781474940726: Books

`When the sun goes down, the Dark stretches out. The Dark can be scary, but it can be other things too – it depends on how you see it…

This gorgeous picture book tells the story of a little boy’s fear of the dark.`

This book has hundreds of tiny holes that show shadows and a starry sky, try reading it next to a lamp or use a torch to shine light through the holes and see what happens!

Each child will have the opportunity to take this book home to share with their family. They will also bring home a scrap book where they can record their thoughts and feelings about the story.