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9. Subitising

We have been learning how to subitise. This is the ability to look at a small number of objects and instantly recognise how many objects there are without needing to count.

We have been practising recognising the spots on a dice, Numicon pieces and different amounts of fingers without counting them.

We watched the 'Subitising Rock' song to practise more subitising...

We used a tens frame and 4 counters. We put them on the tens frame in a shape of a square.

We then practised putting them on in different ways to show that no matter how they are positioned there is still 4 counters on the tens frame. Practise this at home with the tens frame in your maths pack.


Play games using a dice and dominoes, how quickly and accurately can you recognise the numbers without counting them? Practise playing the subitising stars game below.