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Bluebird and Coyote 

This week we are using the story Bluebird and Coyote.

Please look at and complete the activities below 

Lesson 1 - Read the whole text of Bluebird and Coyote using the powerpoint. Sequence the muddle pictures from the story and retell the story in your own words. 

Lesson 2- Complete a character profile of one of the characters from the story 'Bluebird and Coyote'

Lesson 3- Contractions in words. Can you find the words which have been contracted in the story?  Look at the powerpoint on contractions and then complete the activities. 

Lesson 4 - Exclamation marks!  Can you find where teh author used exclamation marks in the story?  Look at the powerpoint in exclamation marks and complete the activities. 


Phonics play

Phonics/Spelling cards



My Grammar Workout Cards



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