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Having enjoyed the book 'The Adventures of the Egg Box Dragon'  over the last two week we have been inspired to organise a Queen's Tea Party.


Can you organise and hold a tea party for you family this Friday? 

Lesson 1- Invite each member of your family to the Queen's Tea Party and write each of them an invitation, stating the date, time and place of the party. Remember names, places and days of the week start with a capital letter. 

Lesson 2- Think about what food and drink would be served at a Queen's tea party and write out a menu. 

Lesson 3-  Following Instructions. Choose either Making a Jelly or Making Fairy cakes.  Look at the instructions below. First cut out the pictures and put them in the right order. Then number the steps and highlight the time connectives and bossy verbs. Follow the instruction to make a jelly or the fairy ready for tea party. 

Lesson 4-  Writing Instructions - Can you write the instructions on how to make the sandwiches for the Queen’s Tea Party? Carry out a survey of favourite sandwiches with your family to decide which type of sandwich to make. First write a list of the things you will need to make the sandwiches. Next draw a pictures and write out the steps involved in making the sandwich. Remember to number the steps and use bossy verbs.

Lesson 5:- Follow your instructions to make the sandwiches for the tea party. 

Enjoy your tea party!