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Mastery Maths Attack

At the beginning of this year, we decided to change our Maths Attack structure to ensure it is in line with the Mastery Approach that has been carried out across the school.

The new system will

  • Cover the most important skills in each year group
  • Be taught in class during the week
  • Allow pupils to practise the skills at home
  • Support the pupils in developing skill which are appropriate for their year group
  • Allow pupils to work on each level for three weeks (two weeks in Y6)
  • Allow pupils to challenge themselves
  • Promote the importance of independent learning
  • Teach pupils to better themselves rather than trying to compete with other

Each pupil will be shown a new Mastery Maths Attack level every three weeks rather than waiting until they have passed the level. This is to ensure all pupils get opportunities to practise all skills throughout the year.

These levels will be introduced during weekly Mathematics lessons and pupils will have opportunities to practise these both in school and at home.

We ask that parents and carers support their children with these skills as they are so important for their children's understanding of number sense, calculation and a range of other skills.

Below are examples of the skills. Each week, pupils will bring home their previous assessment to share with parents and carers and to support their further learning.