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Maths Lesson Structure

At Almondsbury, we follow a Mastery approach to teaching Maths. We have a clear lesson structure to ensure consistency and progression across the school.


Maths Lesson

Warm up – Range of weekly warm-ups consistent across school

  • Mental Maths practise
  • Guided problem solving
  • Mastery Maths Attack
  • Arithmetic challenges
  • Number/Calculation of the week


Recap/Feedback – Revisit prior learning and address any common misconceptions


I do – Teacher models learning objective using appropriate visual aids and/or manipulatives


We do – Teacher and children work together using appropriate visual aids and/or manipulatives. Discussion opportunities for children to explain their understanding using STEM sentences


You do – Children given opportunity to answer questions independently. Chance for teacher to assess who needs extra support during the lesson.


Independent Task/ Guided group work for those children identified in the You do Section – One task for all Fluency/ Reasoning/ Problem Solving


Open ended challenges provide extra challenge for those who have completed the independent task.


Mini plenaries – to check understanding and provide extra challenge


Plenary – Recap key learning points from the lesson