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Mrs Long and Mrs Duffy's Class


A very warm welcome to Year 4. We are looking forward to seeing you all back into school for the new academic year with enthusiasm and positivity and we cannot wait to see you all make fantastic progress with lots of hard work. We are sure that you have all missed school during these past few months and are all eager to return. School will be different to what you remember but everything is in place for you ready for September.

Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Taylor, Miss Ivory and Mrs James.

You can see important information such as the class timetable, curriculum information and terms dates below. We are looking forward to seeing lots of parents in our ‘Meet the Teacher’ zoom session on Thursday 10th September at 4.30pm. Details on how to join the meeting will be sent to you nearer the time.

If you do have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate us email at:

We will endeavour to respond as soon as it is convenient to do so.

Thank you,

Alison Long and Jo Duffy

Important information and Timetable

In regards to changing reading books, children will need to return books every Friday.

Books returned on a different day will not be taken in. This will allow us to be able to wipe down the books and place them aside for 72 hours before they can be re-issued.

Our class will re-issue books every Monday. As some books will be in quarantine, only a maximum of two books can be taken home at any time. For weekend reading, please share printed and audio books and comics etc. with your children

Please see below our class timetable from Monday 28st September:

We will come out to meet the class at the allocated time given and we will all walk into class together. There will be holding bays for only those children who have siblings who are arriving earlier (any other reason will need to be agreed by Mr Smith).

Classes will be allocated zones on the field and playground to use during break times and lunch times. In regards to school lunches, these will be delivered and consumed in the classroom.

All children will need to either sanitise or wash their hands on entry to school at the start of the day, after break time and lunch time and at the end of the day before leaving. Children will also need to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Any shared resources that are used during the day will be cleaned at the end of each session. Furthermore, all surfaces will be cleaned regularly.

Assemblies and Collective Worship will take place in class. This will either be delivered by Mr Smith via Zoom or delivered by the class teacher.

On Tuesdays and Fridays children must come into school in their PE kit.

At the end of the day, we will walk around to the front of the building as usual and you will be able to pick up your children. Please ensure that you adhere to social distancing rules. The children will be encouraged to let me know that they can see you before they go to you. Please make sure that you are on time when picking up your children to avoid a large crowd gathering.

All of the above may be subject to change, depending on guidance sent to us from the Government. This will be communicated to you in advance.


As you are aware, the children will be in school on Thursday 3rd September. This is to familiarise themselves with the new set up, their new class and to feel comfortable with returning to school. This day will consist of transition activities and wellbeing activities.

For the next three full weeks, we will be carrying out Wellbeing and Mental Health based curriculum activities.

For Maths, we will be carrying out transition units. This will consist of quizzes, tasks and problem solving activities. This will ensure that children can be assessed where they are, in terms of their current levels and inform on what to cover for the rest of the year.

In regards to English, we will be basing our writing on ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers and looking at curriculum objectives that the children would have covered during the Summer Term. Like Maths, this will ensure that children can be assessed where they are in terms of their current levels and inform on what to cover for the rest of the year.

Spelling and Phonics sessions will be taught as a whole class based on the Statutory Word Lists until we are allowed to separate into smaller groups. These sessions will focus on what children have missed during the Summer Term.

Please follow the link below for more information regarding the Recovery Curriculum:

Term Dates

01/09: INSET Day – School CLOSED

02/09: School CLOSED for Y3/4

03/09: School OPEN for Y3/4

04/09: School CLOSED for Y3/4

10/09: Meet the Teacher @ 4.30pm on Zoom

18/09: Road Safety Training in Class

22/09: Cross Country

23/10: End of Term 1

02/11: INSET Day – School CLOSED

03/11: Start of Term 2

11/11: Remembrance Day / School Photographs

12/11: Parents Evening 1

13/11: Children in Need

17/11: Parents Evening 2

04/12: Christmas Fayre TBC

14/12: Y3/4 Christmas Performance @ 6pm TBC

15/12: Y3/4 Christmas Performance @ 9.30am TBC

16/12: Y3/4 Christmas Party TBC

18/12: Christmas Service and End of Term 2

04/01: Start of Term 3