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Our Class Book

At Almondsbury, each class in the school has a class book. Each child will have the opportunity to take home the class book to share with their family. They will also bring home a scrap book where they can record their thoughts and feelings about the story. 


This year, the Reception class book is...

`What happened to you?' by James Catchpole


This accessible, funny, and groundbreaking story addresses the questions children often ask, as well as a disabled child's choice not to answer.

What happened to you? Was it a shark? A burglar? A lion? Did it fall off? A boy named Joe is trying to play pirates at the playground, but he keeps being asked what happened to his leg. Bombarded with questions and silly suggestions, Joe becomes more and more fed up...until the kids finally understand they don't need to know what happened. And that they’re wasting valuable playtime!

Based on the author’s real childhood experiences, this honest, funny, and authentic picture book is an empowering read for anyone with a disability, and for young readers learning how best to address differences.