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Pupil Leadership

PUPIL LEADERSHIP – Almondsbury has 5 very different pupil leadership groups which fulfil different roles within the school. We are very interested in the views of the children and try to ensure that we accommodate their views and needs in the main aspects of school life.

School Parliament – our oldest council within school is made up of children from all classes from Year 2 upwards. They meet fortnightly with Mr Evens to discuss various pressing issues that are in the forefront of the children’s minds as well as issues the staff wish to bring up with the children. They also are responsible for the fund raising aspects of the school for national charities such as Children in Need, Comic Relief, etc.

Playground Leaders – this group of Year 5 children were trained at the beginning of the year on how to interact with the children in key stage 1; how to teach the younger children how to play different playground games both traditional and sporting. They give up one of their lunchtimes each week to fulfil their role. They have gained their Bronze award, for which they should have completed a certain number of sessions as well as evaluating their sessions looking for ways to improve. They are linked to the Department for Play under School Parliament.

Department of Health & Sports – this was previously known as Sports Council. It is led by Miss Moore. These are the children who are most interested in sport and made a presentation to the staff Health and Play team of their ideas to further develop sport within our school. Their remit will be to do exactly that, gain views of the rest of the school, work with different classes, audit, be responsible for and decide on new resources. They will also be in charge of fund raising for sports as well as organising sporting events in the future. Please look under the PE folder to see the sophisticated presentations they delivered to be considered for the role. 

Department for the Environment – this group was previously known as Eco Council. They meet with the staff Knowledge and Understanding team to discuss the environment both within and outside of school, waste management, walking to school initiatives, they have also taken over aspects from the now defunct Healthy Schools. They will be setting up, running and evaluating initiatives to help the school and its community.

Department for Worship – this group was previously known as Worship Committee. They are made up from children in key stage 2 and they discuss ways in which our school collective worship can be improved as well as devising collective worships that they will be able to lead and deliver themselves. Their first one will be at the end of this term. The group is led by Mr Baykaa-Murray and a Youth Worker at St Mary’s.

I know that all of the children involved take their roles and responsibilities very seriously and are eager to make a positive contribution to our school and our local community.