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Pupil Premium

This is additional funding provided by the DFE to enable the school to focus its attention on those children within school who are either on Free School Meals or are deemed by the school to be in need of additional support.

The amount of funding for the year 2020/21 £23,460 has been utilised by employing additional hours of support from teachers and teaching assistants. They have worked with specific children in small groups or in a one to one situation. These sessions have been planned by the teaching staff and implemented with very positive results. The children who benefited from the additional support have made more progress than expected. This progress is not only academically but also in terms of confidence and perseverance in completing their learning and extending themselves. We also used the funding to allow pupils to attend the Year 6 residential visit. There was also a focus on improving attendance, pupil's self-esteem and parental engagement. 

If you think you are eligible to apply for Free School meals please follow the link

Please read through the funding plan for more details and impact of the funding.