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Religious Education and Reflection

"Show me your ways, Lord teach me your paths." (Pslams 25:4)

At Almondsbury Church of England Primary School, we believe that RE is inclusive: it is respectful of all faiths; it is tolerant of all beliefs; it allows children to develop their knowledge and understanding of these faiths and beliefs and enables them to ask and explore life's 'Big Questions'.

To develop pupil’s knowledge and understanding of Christian beliefs and practices so that they understand the importance of the Bible, the role of the Church, and recognise that for Christians their faith provides a way of interpreting life in all its fullness, children are taught Christianity through the SACRE Agreed Scheme of Work ‘Understanding Christianity’.

We follow the South Gloucestershire Scheme of Work for non-Christian units to develop knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of some of the other principal religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Humanist beliefs.

Check back here each term to see what the children have been learning about.

This term's Christian value is JUSTICE.

Are you looking for how you can reflect at home? Follow the link to Faith@Home for some ideas.