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School Parliament

Welcome to the School Parliament page for 2023/24!

What is School Parliament? School Parliament is where children get a chance to talk about how to improve our school. As well as gettting ideas from a child's point of view, we also like to do things like help charities such as Comic Relief, Children in Need and help to protect the Rainforest. It gives us the chance to be responsible and encourages us to be active citizens. Within the School Parliament, each MP is a part of either The Department for Learning, The Department for Play or The Department for Safety.

Who are we? Each class in KS2 nominates two people to represent them in Parliament. There are 2 MPs for Year 2 that represent KS1. Then all 14 members meet every second Thursday morning with Mr Evens to discuss different school issues and projects. We then put forwards the views of our class at the meetings. After the meetings, we keep our class updated and informed during Feedback Fridays on issues we have discussed and any exciting new plans there may be as well as asking them for their views. Our four senior leader posts are President, Vice-President , Treasurer  and Secretary .

What do we do? We discuss issues that children want to bring up and find the best possible ways to tackle them. Also we discuss how to help keep all of the children safe and healthy.  All of our discusssions are orderly and fair with everyone having an equal opportunity to talk or to be listened to.