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Summer holiday activities

Summer challenge

We would like the children to do a couple of activities ready to bring in September.

Firstly, as mentioned before we would really like the children to decorate and fill a shoe box (or suitable box) with things that make them happy. These can then be brought into school on the days that they have been allocated either 2, 3 or 4 September.




Secondly, we would like them to keep a diary or scrapbook of their activities over the past couple of months and over the summer holidays. These can be created in any way the children see fit, either paper based or using technology. These can be brought in on 7 September. We look forward to the children’s creative thinking and all of their ideas and activities completed.





As libraries are now open the Summer Reading Challenge is going ahead again as usual this year. It would be great to see as many children sign up as possible. Here is the link –

If you aren’t able to get to a library, keeping up with the children’s reading is hugely important even during the holidays. We would ask that the children read often and if possible are heard read during the holidays. The reading material can be anything books, magazines, comics, newspapers, etc.